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At BukuBuku, we take pride in being able to combine experienced accounting professionals with the latest technologies available in order to deliver the most reliable accounting services available in Indonesia. Whether you need consulting on your financial matters, tax management solutions, or are trying to outsource all of your bookkeeping needs, our team is able to provide you with the solutions that you’re looking for.

Accounting Needs In Surabaya

As the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is famous not only for being a major port city but also for having a history as the center of trading in the region. Tourism is also popular here, but it’s the shipyard and ports that the city is most famous for.

And whether you’re operating a small tourist stand or are part of a shipping company that relies on the port to send out and receive goods, our Xero experts can assist you in the process of managing accounting related issues, setting up software solutions, and much more. In short, we’re ready and excited to give you our expertise.

Ready To Help In Surabaya

Locations like Kya-Kya Kembang are smaller than areas like Tanjung Perak, which serves as the main port, but no matter the specific location within the city, our professional staff can help you. Shipping in particular often involves a huge amount of numbers and considerations including things like international tax regulations, payroll management, and more. By providing you with guidance on these aspects and also helping you set up and use the software that can simplify management, our team can ensure that you stay complaint and that you manage all accounting factors properly.

We rely on a combination of experienced personnel and modern software solutions to help you improve the way that you manage and oversee all of your financial accounting needs. Software can streamline things and improve accuracy, while regular consulting from our team can help keep you moving in the direction you need to be going in.

We Can Come To You

At BukuBuku, our main offices are located in Jakarta and Bali. But that doesn’t mean that you’re out of reach at all. We’re always willing to travel to our clients so that we can give them the help that they need, and will happily come to you when you need us.

Additionally, we make use of software solutions that let us contact and work with you digitally, including simple programs like Skype. By combining technology with our regular in-person visits, we can give you the level of service that you and your company deserve.

Simply put, if you need help managing accounting, taxes, payroll, and other similar issues within your business, our team is here for you. Contact us now to learn more about what we can offer to you.

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