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Xero Bandung

Bandung residents who own businesses in the region need to be able to manage their accounting and bookkeeping properly, and at BukuBuku we strive to help them do just that. By providing a full range of accounting services and by combining our experienced professionals with the latest tools and technologies, we can help with consulting, outsourcing, and any other type of accounting help that you may need.

Bandung Businesses Need Help Periodically

No matter how experienced a business may be, there are still certain things that it might need help with. Bandung has become well-known for being a garment city with a huge number of garment and fashion related manufacturing within its borders. Along with this, it has several other areas of business practice including financial services, plantations, retail shops, tourism based businesses, and more.

The city has recently begun developing several areas to help improve the overall focus of its businesses, and things like the Cibaduyut Shoes Industrial Center or the Sukamulya Sukajadi Doll Industrial Center are being developed right now. If you need help with your garment or fashion manufacturing business or any other business in Bandung, our Xero experts can assist you in getting the results that you need.

How We Help

Our business model is based on two things – friendly, knowledgeable employees and the latest technological tools. By using Xero software to help facilitate your needs, we can give you tools that you can use regularly to take control of your accounts and master all aspects of them.

But we also know that you’re not an accountant. Our team can help you by providing a wide range of different services including:

  • Consulting for all accounting based issues
  • Tax preparation including foreign tax related forms
  • Payroll management
  • Point of sale oversight
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Software setup
  • And more

At the heart of our efforts, we will help set up your Xero software and teach you how to get the most from it. But we will also be there to help you through whatever you need from us, providing outsourcing and consulting solutions where you need them.

We Come To You

Our main offices are based in Bali and Jakarta, but that doesn’t mean that we’re grounded there. In fact, our team will gladly come to you in Bandung and provide our services to you there. We’ll also use software and online technology like email and Skype to stay in touch and continue helping you even when we aren’t in the city. By providing you with in-person solutions and online connectivity, we’re able to give our clients all of the support that they need. We’re ready to help you, so don’t’ hesitate to get in touch today.
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